Trip to Grand Haven

My husband and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and in celebration we took a road trip across our state and went to Lake Michigan. We rented a house in Grand Haven. We didn’t want to stay in a hotel or anything like that, we have a dog and we wanted to bring him with us so we searched around for places that let you keep the dog with you and this is one of the few places in the area that we wanted to stay at that did. It was a very cute house, it was just one story, it was with in walking distance to Lake Michigan. They had some really cool things at the house that we are able to use. They had a fire pit in the backyard, they had bikes in the garage. We were also within walking distance to many restaurants and the city park. Sad story about the park, I guess there was some kind of disease on several of the trees so they were in the process of several tree removals. There were at least 7 stumps from where they took down trees.  No need to worry though, we didn’t bring back any fire wood 😉

We were pretty central for the area. There were a lot of exciting places to see and visit. The main reason that we went to Grand Haven is because we participated in the Warrior Dash – which was only about 1/2 hour drive away from the house that we rented. We trained all summer long to participate in the Warrior Dash. Running and doing a whole bunch of other exercises. We had found a plan online given out by the people who created a warrior dash training program. For my husband and I we had never run before. Neither one of us, so we had to start training a little earlier in prep for the running because we were not used to it. We would start off just jogging and walking and then jogging and walking and jogging and walking before we could build up our strength to actually just run consistently. The training was a combination of running and then doing an exercise, kind of like how the Warrior Dash is set up. We would start and then you would run to the first obstacle, complete that obstacle and then run to the second one. Training wise we would run for like a quarter-half mile and then stop and do something like jumping jacks, squats, push-ups or some other type of exercise that they had on the list. The Dash was in the fall so all of our preparations happened in the summer time and I remember one evening after work when we went to on the track closest to our house to go train it was 90° and then the humidity on top of that and this just so happen to be the day that we had the longest run we had to run. Just 3 miles there were no exercises in between. It was a running only night. I thought I was going to die it was so hot and sticky and sick and awful and we just ran 3 miles straight. Now all you people out there that run or do any type of this stuff a lot you’re probably thinking 3 miles isn’t a big deal but this is the first time ever in both of our lives we have run a straight 3 miles. We have never done this before and this was the first night and it was 90° and then humidity of course.  I complained and moaned the whole entire time but I didn’t stop.  I completed the 3 miles straight and I was so proud of myself.  Outside of all of the training, this took us to Lake Michigan and Grand Haven where we stayed and it was the most beautiful city. It was so clean and just adorable. They have the best restaurant cider mill that we have ever been too. We even went out onto the pier to watch the sunset one evening and it was so beautiful. I would recommend any city along Lake Michigan. All these tourist towns that they have there are just magnificent. It seems like they cater to all of us tourist over there and there’s so many things to do and go and see and places to hang out. It was wonderful. The house that we stayed in had a notebook on the coffee table where you could write

  • Your name
  • The reason that you came
  • Where you’re from
  • What you did while you were here
  • You could also tell the next guest the things that you did or recommend against going somewhere because it was a bad experience.

It was pretty cool to see the comments from other people before us who stayed in this house and why they came in. All the activities that they did. The only bummer of the weekend was that the house had a bees nest in the back porch and we couldn’t figure out how they were getting into the house. They were getting into the house and we killed bees all weekend long! It was awful! I hate bees so much but that still wouldn’t stop me from recommending renting a house on Lake Michigan it was a beautiful wonderful weekend.

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