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So, I am sure that most of you are sick of hearing about Peru and I promise to never write or speak of Peru again. Starting now. The trip that I will discuss now is when I went to London with my girlfriend Andrea. We stayed for about a week in the London Marriot Hotel which is near Big Ben and had a really good time.

For those of you who do not know what Big Ben is, it is the huge clock tower located at the Palace of Westminster, which is also the New Parliament building where all the wonderful Royals live. This is really an amazing piece of architecture. It was rebuilt after a fire that occurred there in the late 1800s. I do say that they did a great job designing it.

big ben

You are allowed to take tours within Big Ben and around The Palace but some of the areas here are off limits considering that this is their government building and the Royal family also lives here. You get to see a lot of Big Ben, The Palace and parliament, the tours go throughout this building and the grounds surrounding it. It is truly a magnificent structure. It made my girlfriend want to move to London.

We did a lot of sightseeing as well, we were within walking distance to the St James Park, which St James Lake is located within the park. My girlfriend wanted to go to this park every morning and evening to watch the sun rise and set. I had to tell her that we could watch one sunrise because I was not about to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise every morning but that we could watch every sunset that was possible, if we didn’t have anything else planned around that time.

My favorite place was the Imperial War Museum and of course the Churchill War Rooms, what an incredible museum. So much history was in this building, it was overwhelming. Not that I am a fan of war but to see this museum dedicated to Churchill and all of the other leaders was pretty awesome. They had many displays of wars past and present and you could also see movies or documentaries of WWI and WWII. Even though America is allies with Great Britain is was interesting to see the war through another countries perspective.

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