New Directions

After my big trip to South America I kind of fell off as I am sure that you noticed.  Well I am hoping to get back to writing.  I have taken a few trips since my last and I would love to find some time to share some of my insights about the places I have visited.  Some of the places I have visited are Berlin, Mexico, and Great Britain.    I plan on taking this blog in a little bit different direction in the way I make my posts.  Let me tell you my idea and see if you guys have any feedback or thoughts.  I would like to turn this blog into a sort of review sites that will rate different trips/locations on a ten star scale.  I will have several different sections for the ratings including food, nightlife, the people and how friendly they are to tourists, and sights.  I think this will be fun and kind of sum my trips up in a better way than I could otherwise.  It will also take less time to get more information out there about my trips.  I like to think of it as a better return on my time.  I apologize for not posting sooner, I have been busy trying to find sponsors for my trips.  I will update soon. My latest sponsor is Waterford Tree Service  please show them support by visiting their website at


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