So many stairs!- Moray

My fourth day in Southern Peru took me to Moray. I woke up in my hotel at Ollantaytambo early enough for the journey ahead by bus to Urubamba. On arrival, I discovered that Moray ruins was about 600 meters ahead of me, so I chose to walk. Lining both sides of the road were business premises that sold just about anything.

As I got into Moray ruins, I found the descending stairs to be quite exciting. The terraced field that you see as you enter the ruins is also an amazing attraction. I was informed that the terraced field was an agricultural demonstration field as the center was indeed an agricultural lab serving the entire Incas. The crop seeds that were developed in this particular laboratory were used by farmers all over the Incas Empire to improve on their yields.

Salineras, which is quite a beautifully terraced salt field, is also one of the many Moray attractions that interested me. As I was going down the valleys, I took several photos which will forever remind me of the epic journey that I made to the Moray ruins in southern Peru. Most parts of the valley were glowing white during the day because of the huge presence of salt. I was fortunate to taste the salt water that emanate from the mountain, right at the source.

After going down the ruins and then up, I decided it was time to climb the hill which was just a short distance away for a wider and better glimpse of the area. On this hills are reservoirs that were used by the residents of the Incas Empire to store water. By the time I was at the top of the hill, I was hungry and needed some snacks to keep me going. Fortunately, there were walking snack-vendors who sold me some salted nuts, ice cream and bananas.

But when I got back to Urubamba late in the afternoon, I sampled out delicacies that were on offer. I got inside a restaurant and was pleased to find out that their serve salads, desserts, shakes and herbal teas among others. I ordered a burger that satisfied my taste buds. I was pleased that they had international cuisines that served my culinary requirements.

In the evening, I walked to my hotel,tired,but happy that I was able to visit such an amazing attraction.

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