Machu Picchu….Gesundheit

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On my third day, I visited Machu Picchu, a historically rich area that’s set in a gorgeous tropical forest setting. I woke up from my hotel room in Cuzco at dawn and hit the road to Machu Picchu by bus. The entire journey took an hour and I enjoyed the sight along the road. I arrived by 8am and headed for Machu Picchu right away. From some meters away, the giant walls, ramps and the terraces looked amazing and I found it to be among the most attractive creations of the Inca Empire. I also found the natural setting that’s on the eastern side of the Andes is quite rich in fauna and flora.

While inside there, I was able to see more than one hundred and fifty houses, baths , sanctuaries and temples. I found the site-which is believed to have been a royal estate for the nobles and Inca emperors several centuries ago to be incredibly attractive. I was fascinated by the well crafted stonework, sophisticated irrigation systems and terraced systems which bear the hallmarks of the engineering prowess that was witnessed during Inca civilization.

I was also able to experience first hand how the famous Temple of the Sun looked like, together with the Intihuatana stone, which is thought to have served the role of a calendar or a solar clock. Machu Picchu’s most distinct and famous structures include the Temple of the Sun and the Intihuatana stone, a sculpted granite rock that is believed to have functioned as a solar clock or calendar.

As I was hiking around, it dawned on me that this is one of the few places that offer more than a person can wildly imagine. I enjoyed the hiking trails as I had never been to a place that offered me such kind of an experience before. I also climbed the steep mountain of Wayna which is situated a few minutes walk at the back of the ruins. I descanted downwards to Intipunku which is where the Inca trail ends. I was able to marvel at the attractions there, and it’s where locals know as the Sun Gate.

And almost at the far end is Phuyupatamarka, which is in the form of restored ruins. While inside there, I was able to see ceremonial baths that were being used several centuries ago by the royalty who lived there.

The Sacristy, which is connected to what’s known as the principal Temple is another famous place that I was privileged top visit while I was at Machu Picchu. I marveled at a bench that’s carved out of a stone as well as several stores that were used for ceremonial items several centuries ago.
Moreover, I was able to visit the Machu Picchu-Historical-Sanctuary. This attraction opens its gates at 4pm and I was able to stroll inside until a few minutes after 5pm. At sunset, I took a van for an hour drive back to my hotel and I was amazed that Machu Picchu had this much to offer. I took rest and went to bed early, because I still had a place to visit the next day.

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