Day one in Peru

Hello there everyone, I want to start this post thanking all of the small businesses that donated to my brothers wedding to make this trip possible. There is no way that we would have been able to make this trip if it was not for them. As a thank you to each business I will be giving them a free plug here and there because I feel guilty about them paying our trip. Anyways, just a quick disclaimer, I have never really written much in my life and realize that I am not great yet but I hope that I can at least provide a bit of value to you in my posts.  I assure you that I will get better as I go along.  On with my post….

I had heard a lot of interesting stories about Miraflores Beach and was looking forward to visiting it some day. Last December, the opportunity to visit what most people call the barrio of Lima came knocking and I was quick to take it. My brother and his wife planned a destination wedding to Lima, Peru. They decided to have their wedding in December because there is not much fog in the sky during this time of the year and because it is always nice to get away from Michigan in the winter time. I had heard that the city had exceptional beaches, incredible parks, gardens and sky hugging high-rise apartments.

Because of a scheduling conflict for my brother I left on an earlier plane than everyone else. I arrived at the airport early in the morning and as soon as I got out of the terminal, a representative of a taxi company that I had booked online was waiting for me. The company was able to provide me with full details of the driver online and with their branded taxis, it was easy for me to know that it was them. The taxi took me to my hotel and after staying there for about two hours, I left to explore what this picturesque city had to offer. Fortunately, my hotel wasn’t far away from the main beach, so I decided to take a walk, a decision which I’m thankful for making because it enabled me have a glimpse of several scenic spots which would not be possible of I had taken a taxi.

On my way to the beach, I passed by the Parque Kennedy, a cat filled park which is situated at the center of Miraflores. This is a place like no other as the residents visit carrying for the cats that reside there everyday. I sat there for a few minutes and had the privilege of having two cats crawl to my laps. On the park’s lining are restaurants and shops that sold almost anything that both locals and visitors would require.

I was able to enter the Larcomar, a beautifully designed mall that is built into the cliff. Inside there are chains of stores and restaurants that overlook the sea that’s just below it. The place is synonymous with movie loving kids and paragliders, especially when the wind is up.

I moved some distance forward and saw the Costa Verde, which is a long stretch of parks that have been arranged so as to overlook the ocean. The parks cover several miles and I found it to be a wonderful place to walk and explore the nature.

I finally received a call from my brother that he had made it to his hotel so we decided to meet up. When I got there I was surprised that his friend Jonathon was with him, I am pretty sure that the only reason that my brother invited Jonathon was simply because he owned a photo booth company and my brother wanted one at his wedding. We ended up walking to  Miraflores Beach, we didn’t see many swimmers and we were wondering why, despite the allure of being in a great looking beach, and the tidal waves being low. The temperature was quite warm, around 83F and we soaked up some rays like most of the other visitors. The day was moving quickly and as the sun was almost going down, we decided it was time to get a quick bite and maybe a drink before walking back to our hotel.

We went into a nearby restaurant and ordered Lima cuisine which I found out later has a combination of African, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese cultures. The seafood was spectacular probably because it was sourced directly from the Pacific just a few miles from the restaurant.

I ordered tamales, a staple food for most of the Lima population which is comprised of boiled corn served with meat or a steamed cheese in a banana leaf. I also sampled some Pisco Sour which most refer to be Peru’s national cocktail. I found it to be pretty strong and not the kind that you would order one after another. We had a couple more drinks and we decided to leave.

We then walked back to the hotel, through well lit streets. At some point, we took a wrong turn to the right, which took us about a half mile out of the way before turning back. We ended up making it back to our hotel room safely, had a much deserved rest after a great afternoon of sampling out the best that this fabulous area had to offer. I knew I should get some sleep because I had to be up early to attend my brothers wedding.

Thank you for making it to the end I would appreciate some feedback on my post if you care to comment.   I would really like to become a better writer but I think I will need some constructive criticism to accomplish my goal.  If you would like to hear about the rest of my trip please check back soon as I will try to post again soon.



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