Trip to Grand Haven

My husband and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary and in celebration we took a road trip across our state and went to Lake Michigan. We rented a house in Grand Haven. We didn’t want to stay in a hotel or anything like that, we have a dog and we wanted to bring him with us so we searched around for places that let you keep the dog with you and this is one of the few places in the area that we wanted to stay at that did. It was a very cute house, it was just one story, it was with in walking distance to Lake Michigan. They had some really cool things at the house that we are able to use. They had a fire pit in the backyard, they had bikes in the garage. We were also within walking distance to many restaurants and the city park. Sad story about the park, I guess there was some kind of disease on several of the trees so they were in the process of several tree removals. There were at least 7 stumps from where they took down trees.  No need to worry though, we didn’t bring back any fire wood 😉

We were pretty central for the area. There were a lot of exciting places to see and visit. The main reason that we went to Grand Haven is because we participated in the Warrior Dash – which was only about 1/2 hour drive away from the house that we rented. We trained all summer long to participate in the Warrior Dash. Running and doing a whole bunch of other exercises. We had found a plan online given out by the people who created a warrior dash training program. For my husband and I we had never run before. Neither one of us, so we had to start training a little earlier in prep for the running because we were not used to it. We would start off just jogging and walking and then jogging and walking and jogging and walking before we could build up our strength to actually just run consistently. The training was a combination of running and then doing an exercise, kind of like how the Warrior Dash is set up. We would start and then you would run to the first obstacle, complete that obstacle and then run to the second one. Training wise we would run for like a quarter-half mile and then stop and do something like jumping jacks, squats, push-ups or some other type of exercise that they had on the list. The Dash was in the fall so all of our preparations happened in the summer time and I remember one evening after work when we went to on the track closest to our house to go train it was 90° and then the humidity on top of that and this just so happen to be the day that we had the longest run we had to run. Just 3 miles there were no exercises in between. It was a running only night. I thought I was going to die it was so hot and sticky and sick and awful and we just ran 3 miles straight. Now all you people out there that run or do any type of this stuff a lot you’re probably thinking 3 miles isn’t a big deal but this is the first time ever in both of our lives we have run a straight 3 miles. We have never done this before and this was the first night and it was 90° and then humidity of course.  I complained and moaned the whole entire time but I didn’t stop.  I completed the 3 miles straight and I was so proud of myself.  Outside of all of the training, this took us to Lake Michigan and Grand Haven where we stayed and it was the most beautiful city. It was so clean and just adorable. They have the best restaurant cider mill that we have ever been too. We even went out onto the pier to watch the sunset one evening and it was so beautiful. I would recommend any city along Lake Michigan. All these tourist towns that they have there are just magnificent. It seems like they cater to all of us tourist over there and there’s so many things to do and go and see and places to hang out. It was wonderful. The house that we stayed in had a notebook on the coffee table where you could write

  • Your name
  • The reason that you came
  • Where you’re from
  • What you did while you were here
  • You could also tell the next guest the things that you did or recommend against going somewhere because it was a bad experience.

It was pretty cool to see the comments from other people before us who stayed in this house and why they came in. All the activities that they did. The only bummer of the weekend was that the house had a bees nest in the back porch and we couldn’t figure out how they were getting into the house. They were getting into the house and we killed bees all weekend long! It was awful! I hate bees so much but that still wouldn’t stop me from recommending renting a house on Lake Michigan it was a beautiful wonderful weekend.

Big Ben

So, I am sure that most of you are sick of hearing about Peru and I promise to never write or speak of Peru again. Starting now. The trip that I will discuss now is when I went to London with my girlfriend Andrea. We stayed for about a week in the London Marriot Hotel which is near Big Ben and had a really good time.

For those of you who do not know what Big Ben is, it is the huge clock tower located at the Palace of Westminster, which is also the New Parliament building where all the wonderful Royals live. This is really an amazing piece of architecture. It was rebuilt after a fire that occurred there in the late 1800s. I do say that they did a great job designing it.

big ben

You are allowed to take tours within Big Ben and around The Palace but some of the areas here are off limits considering that this is their government building and the Royal family also lives here. You get to see a lot of Big Ben, The Palace and parliament, the tours go throughout this building and the grounds surrounding it. It is truly a magnificent structure. It made my girlfriend want to move to London.

We did a lot of sightseeing as well, we were within walking distance to the St James Park, which St James Lake is located within the park. My girlfriend wanted to go to this park every morning and evening to watch the sun rise and set. I had to tell her that we could watch one sunrise because I was not about to get up at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise every morning but that we could watch every sunset that was possible, if we didn’t have anything else planned around that time.

My favorite place was the Imperial War Museum and of course the Churchill War Rooms, what an incredible museum. So much history was in this building, it was overwhelming. Not that I am a fan of war but to see this museum dedicated to Churchill and all of the other leaders was pretty awesome. They had many displays of wars past and present and you could also see movies or documentaries of WWI and WWII. Even though America is allies with Great Britain is was interesting to see the war through another countries perspective.

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New Directions

After my big trip to South America I kind of fell off as I am sure that you noticed.  Well I am hoping to get back to writing.  I have taken a few trips since my last and I would love to find some time to share some of my insights about the places I have visited.  Some of the places I have visited are Berlin, Mexico, and Great Britain.    I plan on taking this blog in a little bit different direction in the way I make my posts.  Let me tell you my idea and see if you guys have any feedback or thoughts.  I would like to turn this blog into a sort of review sites that will rate different trips/locations on a ten star scale.  I will have several different sections for the ratings including food, nightlife, the people and how friendly they are to tourists, and sights.  I think this will be fun and kind of sum my trips up in a better way than I could otherwise.  It will also take less time to get more information out there about my trips.  I like to think of it as a better return on my time.  I apologize for not posting sooner, I have been busy trying to find sponsors for my trips.  I will update soon. My latest sponsor is Waterford Tree Service  please show them support by visiting their website at


So many stairs!- Moray

My fourth day in Southern Peru took me to Moray. I woke up in my hotel at Ollantaytambo early enough for the journey ahead by bus to Urubamba. On arrival, I discovered that Moray ruins was about 600 meters ahead of me, so I chose to walk. Lining both sides of the road were business premises that sold just about anything.

As I got into Moray ruins, I found the descending stairs to be quite exciting. The terraced field that you see as you enter the ruins is also an amazing attraction. I was informed that the terraced field was an agricultural demonstration field as the center was indeed an agricultural lab serving the entire Incas. The crop seeds that were developed in this particular laboratory were used by farmers all over the Incas Empire to improve on their yields.

Salineras, which is quite a beautifully terraced salt field, is also one of the many Moray attractions that interested me. As I was going down the valleys, I took several photos which will forever remind me of the epic journey that I made to the Moray ruins in southern Peru. Most parts of the valley were glowing white during the day because of the huge presence of salt. I was fortunate to taste the salt water that emanate from the mountain, right at the source.

After going down the ruins and then up, I decided it was time to climb the hill which was just a short distance away for a wider and better glimpse of the area. On this hills are reservoirs that were used by the residents of the Incas Empire to store water. By the time I was at the top of the hill, I was hungry and needed some snacks to keep me going. Fortunately, there were walking snack-vendors who sold me some salted nuts, ice cream and bananas.

But when I got back to Urubamba late in the afternoon, I sampled out delicacies that were on offer. I got inside a restaurant and was pleased to find out that their serve salads, desserts, shakes and herbal teas among others. I ordered a burger that satisfied my taste buds. I was pleased that they had international cuisines that served my culinary requirements.

In the evening, I walked to my hotel,tired,but happy that I was able to visit such an amazing attraction.

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Ollantaytambo- all day long

After being at Machu Picchu a day before, it was time to head to Ollantaytambo, another scenic spot in Inca, Southern Peru. This attraction is about 35 miles north of Cusco and I was able to take a public transport to Urubamba from Sacsahuaman. Against my expectations, the cost of travel by bus was quite low, but I found the facility to be a little more crowded. Also available are minivans and trains that can offer alternative transport, so you have a choice with regard to how you can travel to Ollantaytambo. But it’s of importance that you take care of your personal belongings while traveling. On arrival, I booked myself into a popular local lodging facility, before walking back through the bus stop towards Sacsahuaman.I walked for an approximately 300 meters to arrive at the gate to the ruins and along the way are restaurants and other business establishments.

At the entry to Ollantaytambo I hired a local guide, who seemed knowledgeable and who could help make my trip a much memorable experience. While it was possible to cycle around, I took the option of walking because it offered me a chance to see more attractions and in more detail. My guide was at hand to provide me with the finer details about Ollantaytambo ruins.  He actually informed me that a large portion of the local economy was created by a wood flooring factory that made use of the exotic wood that is native to the area.  He was able to put me in touch with the wholesaler in the area so I might be able to help a local company in my state become a supplier.

He helped me buy all the tickets that I needed to access the places which according to him were the most important and which would leave a fantastic experience in me. Continue reading “Ollantaytambo- all day long”

Machu Picchu….Gesundheit

I need to get my sponsor message out of the way, I want to say thank you to another local business owner that donated to my trip, his name is Howard and he is a plumber in Canton MI.  He donated 300 dollars out of the goodness of his heart.  On with the post.

On my third day, I visited Machu Picchu, a historically rich area that’s set in a gorgeous tropical forest setting. I woke up from my hotel room in Cuzco at dawn and hit the road to Machu Picchu by bus. The entire journey took an hour and I enjoyed the sight along the road. I arrived by 8am and headed for Machu Picchu right away. From some meters away, the giant walls, ramps and the terraces looked amazing and I found it to be among the most attractive creations of the Inca Empire. I also found the natural setting that’s on the eastern side of the Andes is quite rich in fauna and flora.

While inside there, I was able to see more than one hundred and fifty houses, baths , sanctuaries and temples. I found the site-which is believed to have been a royal estate for the nobles and Inca emperors several centuries ago to be incredibly attractive. I was fascinated by the well crafted stonework, sophisticated irrigation systems and terraced systems which bear the hallmarks of the engineering prowess that was witnessed during Inca civilization. Continue reading “Machu Picchu….Gesundheit”

Sacsahuaman in Southern Peru

I am going to start this post out with some brutal honesty, my brothers wedding was probably the most boring wedding that I have ever attended.  His wife is strict Catholic so the wedding was in a Catholic church in Lima.  It was very traditional and very long.  I am going to pretend I did not even attend for the sake of this blog.  Luckily, the trip I had planned was hardly affected since I had an open ended airline ticket and would not be leaving with everyone else.  Be that as it was on my second day of being in Peru and after attending a boring wedding in the a.m., my next destination was Sacsahuaman. This destination is situated in southern Peru, just 2 miles north of Cuzco city. It’s one of the amazingly attractive and historically rich ruins that were built in the 15th and 16th century. Due to the distance between, I traveled by air and landed at Cuzco early in the morning. Without wasting any time, I went straight to my hotel room, rested for an hour and went to Sacsahuaman ruins.

From Cuzco, I took a bike northwards and in less than 5 minutes, I was at the place. I found the historically rich and architecturally fascinating site to be one of its own kinds. It’s one of the Incas that was built centuries ago and which have rich historical significance. I sought the services of a local guide and I was happy to get one who offered me company and explanations about the various attractions in the ruins. Continue reading “Sacsahuaman in Southern Peru”

Day one in Peru

Hello there everyone, I want to start this post thanking all of the small businesses that donated to my brothers wedding to make this trip possible. There is no way that we would have been able to make this trip if it was not for them. As a thank you to each business I will be giving them a free plug here and there because I feel guilty about them paying our trip. Anyways, just a quick disclaimer, I have never really written much in my life and realize that I am not great yet but I hope that I can at least provide a bit of value to you in my posts.  I assure you that I will get better as I go along.  On with my post….

I had heard a lot of interesting stories about Miraflores Beach and was looking forward to visiting it some day. Last December, the opportunity to visit what most people call the barrio of Lima came knocking and I was quick to take it. My brother and his wife planned a destination wedding to Lima, Peru. They decided to have their wedding in December because there is not much fog in the sky during this time of the year and because it is always nice to get away from Michigan in the winter time. I had heard that the city had exceptional beaches, incredible parks, gardens and sky hugging high-rise apartments.

Because of a scheduling conflict for my brother I left on an earlier plane than everyone else. I arrived at the airport early in the morning and as soon as I got out of the terminal, a representative of a taxi company that I had booked online was waiting for me. The company was able to provide me with full details of the driver online and with their branded taxis, it was easy for me to know that it was them. The taxi took me to my hotel and after staying there for about two hours, I left to explore what this picturesque city had to offer. Fortunately, my hotel wasn’t far away from the main beach, so I decided to take a walk, a decision which I’m thankful for making because it enabled me have a glimpse of several scenic spots which would not be possible of I had taken a taxi.

On my way to the beach, I passed by the Parque Kennedy, a cat filled park which is situated at the center of Miraflores. This is a place like no other as the residents visit carrying for the cats that reside there everyday. I sat there for a few minutes and had the privilege of having two cats crawl to my laps. On the park’s lining are restaurants and shops that sold almost anything that both locals and visitors would require.

I was able to enter the Larcomar, a beautifully designed mall that is built into the cliff. Inside there are chains of stores and restaurants that overlook the sea that’s just below it. The place is synonymous with movie loving kids and paragliders, especially when the wind is up.

I moved some distance forward and saw the Costa Verde, which is a long stretch of parks that have been arranged so as to overlook the ocean. The parks cover several miles and I found it to be a wonderful place to walk and explore the nature.

I finally received a call from my brother that he had made it to his hotel so we decided to meet up. When I got there I was surprised that his friend Jonathon was with him, I am pretty sure that the only reason that my brother invited Jonathon was simply because he owned a photo booth company and my brother wanted one at his wedding. We ended up walking to  Miraflores Beach, we didn’t see many swimmers and we were wondering why, despite the allure of being in a great looking beach, and the tidal waves being low. The temperature was quite warm, around 83F and we soaked up some rays like most of the other visitors. The day was moving quickly and as the sun was almost going down, we decided it was time to get a quick bite and maybe a drink before walking back to our hotel. Continue reading “Day one in Peru”